Welcome to our online cafe journal. We are a small group of independent cafe aficionados who write regular reviews of cafes in locations all over the world. Our reviews take the shape of online journal entries in which we write about our subjective experience of each cafe we visit.

In each review you will find the date and time of our visit, the cafe location and opening hours, specific ratings on a 5-point scale, a global rating, and the personal insight of the reviewer. We look at the following aspects of the cafe experience when we rate a place:

-Location: Where is the cafe located? Is it an oasis in the desert? Is it the small shop you pass by on the way to work every morning? Is there something special about the neighborhood surrounding it? Is it hard to access but worth the effort?

-Atmosphere: How is the decor? How are the people? How's the music? Do you feel comfortable there? Is the lighting too light for the mood, or too dim to read? What's the noise level?

-Weird events: What is the likelihood that something strange will happen to you? Did something bizarre occur during your visit? Are you a strange thing to happen to the cafe?

-Social: Does the cafe also organize concerts and events? Is it a good place to find a new apartment, connect with people or have conferences?

-Toilets: What are your hygiene standards and were they met? Are the bathrooms cold because you're in Germany and in the winter they open the windows even if it's freezing outside?

-Products: Was the coffee good? Or memorable in its own special way? Was it served to you by a sassy waiter? Was it made with love?

In our book, no cafe can receive a bad review. We try to find the things that make each place special, or else we try to let you know what about the place rubbed us the wrong way. Whatever your taste, should you wish to contribute, please sign up! If you decide to join our group of cafe-loving freaks, please make sure your reviews adhere to these few and easy-to-remember criteria:

-Please only review small, independently owned cafes. Or if you are reviewing a branch location for a chain, please only review a chain that is locally owned and operated (we don't need to review corporate coffee shops).
-Since many cafes are also bars at night or offer food, we try to pay attention mainly to the 'cafe' aspects of the place. So even if you have lunch there, please try to order a coffee. The place should offer more than just black coffee and should be walk-in (no reservations).
-Your review is entirely subjective. Any judgments you make should be corroborated by anecdotes and insight into your experience.

You can review the same place as many times as you like and also review places already reviewed by others! As you will see, the reviews are in many languages, and when there are two or more language flags next to one review, it means that there are reviewers that speak those languages who wrote entirely different reviews. We do not translate so please feel free to add a review in your language!